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When we started working with Devils Backbone, they were a little craft brewery nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since then, things have changed a little. Devils Backbone’s distribution footprint has exploded, and they started dabbling in the world of distilled spirits. Enter: the Ready-to-Drink Canned Cocktails.
The challenge was to create a visual architecture that fit with the newly-emerging RTD category while maintaining the spirit of the Devils Backbone Brand.


We developed a robust system of bold typography, bright colors, and a unique illustration style that embodies the tagline "vacay in a can." 


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Package Design, Merch & POS Materials


Client: Devils Backbone Distilling Company

Photography: Devils Backbone Distilling Company

Years ago, we created a badge logo for Devils Backbone Brewing Company that pays homage to its mountain roots. When it came time to expand into spirits, we distilled (pun intended) the iconic badge down to a simpler form, keeping the original typography for brand recognition. The end result is a clean, fresh logo that will function across cocktails, whiskeys, gins, and whatever Devils Backbone decides to cook up next!


We also designed a mark for the SMASH brand that celebrates what these cocktails are all about - fun, boldness, and a "vacay" feeling you can have any day of the week.

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