Welcome to planet Ok Yellow, the stomping grounds of the Okayliens, an (inter)stellar species of designers, boundary pushers, researchers, and authenticity seekers who also happen to be very approachable, rather wacky individuals. As a graphic design agency  with out-of-the-world idea engineers, we strive to evolve the status quo and discover new ways to communicate intangible feelings through tangible products. We also happen to be this universe’s ambassadors to the Yellow: the living matter, the creative agent, the idea magma that’s never the same twice. We shape the Yellow, and honor whichever unique form it chooses to take each time we get to work. 


What magical mischief is this?


It’s hard to say what came first: the Yellow or our expression of the Yellow. You might say that our passion for what we do manifested it -as though by majestic force, our team’s talent, desire, and determination transmogrified into a sentient pulsation of collective creativity. As avid design lovers and industry scholars, we engage in concepts that push beyond static into sensational. 

The more we explore and tool and tinker with expectations - just what can a package do? - the more we infuse the Yellow with the symbiotic energy field that both sustains it and in turn keeps our zeal alive. Both our fuel and our output, the Yellow is our closed circuit, our divine current, our cellular matter with states as multitudinous as water that exists in us, and because of us. 


Meet the Okayliens



Yellow Director


Designer, Illustrator,



Designer, Illustrator





Art Director,

Designer, Illustrator

Unlike your college roommate, we’re good at relationships. We prefer easy-going conversations over buttoned-up boardrooms as we get to know each client: your wants, your needs, the difference between the two, and our matchmaking potential. We like to develop understandings that become intuitions, knowing what you want even before you can fully express it. We’re good sharers, even better listeners, and darn impressive innovators. We give and we take; we shimmy and we shake. We seek long-term commitments - the kind where you look better and perform more competitively, and we groove on behind the scenes making awesome stuff.  


Sound like fun? (It is, and we are.) If you like deep talks, long walks on the proverbial beach, and a mutually supportive and dynamic creative process, then give us a shout!


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